How it Works

A complete end-to-end IoT solution

Altoview has been developed to provide complete data collection solutions that meet the many challenges of the modern world we live in. Using modern IoT measurement and communications technology, Altoview provides complete end-to-end measurement solutions.

Altoview technology.

Using wireless Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology, Altoview sensors seamlessly transfer measurement data to Altoview’s secure cloud based servers, where our custom developed software presents users with the data required to manage their day to day operations efficiently.

Our cloud based software provides users with secure access to their data anytime, anywhere, 24/7, using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Intelligent alarming and reporting capabilities ensure users are always kept informed.

Altoview provides your data, where you want it, how you want it, when you want it.

Easy installation.

Altoview measurement solutions use wireless LPWAN technology, making installation of sensors simple and non-intrusive. Sensors communicate wirelessly via gateways to Altoview’s secure cloud based servers, removing the need for cabling between sensors and gateways.

…Altoview will give local students a first look into the widespread applications the new Internet of Things (IoT) platform can provide.

Jun 26

The Townsville Pilot Project is on of the first in Australia to use Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN)…


Jun 26

We are currently rolling out a trial in Townsville of our new smart refrigeration temperature sensor, and would love your business to become involved!

Jun 26