Smart Refrigeration Monitoring

Smart monitoring for your fridges.

Altoview’s new easy-to-use technology creates a secure and reliable way to monitor the performance of your fridges 24/7. Our Smart Refrigeration Temperature Sensor tracks temperature and humidity to provide accurate, stable measurements that are transferred automatically to the Altoview web platform where data is securely stored.

Quality Control

Protect the integrity of your stored products.

Reduce Costs

Keep costs low by reducing product wastage.

Continuous Monitoring

Improved accuracy, reliability and tracebility.

Automated Notifications

Be informed before critical control limits are exceeded, and document corrective actions using Altoview software.

Simplify HACCP/QCPP Compliance

Automated record keeping, alarming and reporting.

Improve Food Safety Culture

Ensure consistent food safety management within the workplace.

The best solution for you.

Our smart refrigeration monitoring system has been designed primarily for the following industries: 

Automated temperature monitoring of food storage equipment (e.g. refrigerators, holding cabinets, drawer warmers) for cafes, restaurants and other organisations providing food services such as hotels, educational facilities, conference centres, hospitals and sports stadiums.
Automated temperature monitoring of drug storage refrigerators in hospitals, pharmacies, medical centres and dental clinics.

Smart Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring

Altoview’s Smart Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring System helps to protect the integrity of stored products and reduce product wastage. Our smart refrigeration temperature sensor provides continuous temperature and relative humidity monitoring in a simple to easy-to-use package. With a minimum of 3-years battery life, temperature data is continuously monitored and wirelessly transmitted to a secure, cloud-based Altoview software platform.

The Altoview software ensures optimal monitoring of critical control points, with email alarming to inform when an appliance has reached a critical control limit and requires attention. Smart report generation capabilities within the Altoview software provides users with easy access to summary reports for each appliance.

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