Connecting you to the invisible!

Internet of Things

You might be asking “What is the Internet of Things” (IoT)?

To put it simply, it is a network of everyday devices that measure something about the world around us and report it back over the internet e.g. you could track your dog with a IoT collar or optimise your homes energy efficiency. They will send small messages (roughly the size of a text message) to the cloud using an extremely low power radio network that will have coverage over most of the city.

This IoT platform will enable the wider community to participate in deploying sensors and other instrumentation to make Townsville an even smarter city.

As an IBM Smarter City, Townsville is a world leader in community-based sustainability and innovation. The IoT initiative is just another step toward unlocking the city’s true potential.

This project will develop and provide a city wide, open-access, technology agnostic, internet-of-things (IoT) data network, where sensors and other devices can be connected by ayone at any time. A Townsville based company for over 20 years, Campbell Scientific Australia, is now working with Council and the community to assist with the roll out of this network.

Campbell Scientific is a leading designer and manufacturer of data acquisition systems and measurements with product used worldwide in variety of applications related to weather, water, energy, structures, machines and soil. We specialise in rugged, low power systems for long term, stand-alone monitoring and control and are committed to environmental sustainability.

Keep an eye out on updates about this network and how you can be involved so you can see the invisible all around you.

(Words by Townsville City Council)